Our Mission

To provide principled and practical support to grassroots community development programs, projects and awareness campaigns in Africa.


BSANI’s Be Clean Campaign conducted it’s 1st community clean up in response to the communities concern of Cholera after the devastating 2017 Sugar loaf mountain mudslide and flood in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Our team is currently working overtime developing the campaign to kick start our various training’s which will include basic hygiene & sanitation and school tour spreading the message of…

Black Agenda Report

Foday Ajamu Mansaray, Executive Director of Black Star Action Network International (BSANI) sits down with Black Agenda Report Executive Editor Glen Ford to speak about the annual “Be Clean” campaign, how this transformative initiative has impacted the people of Freetown, Sierra Leone, its vital necessity and the grassroots organizing, social and political work BSANI is doing there.

Forward March!

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