rev tonya keatz


Tonya Lena Keatz is an Author, Life Coach, Minister and Gifted Healer.

Tonya knows firsthand that life can sometimes be about struggle. She knows the power that lies within a person to overcome any obstacle. Tonya teaches that triumph begins with self esteem and self empowerment.

Tonya was born in the South Bronx, NY. At the age of two she was placed in the New York City foster care system and was blessed to be adopted at the age of four by two loving parents who raised her in Queens, NY. At the age of thirteen Tonya’s life was changed forever when she was gang raped; add that to her issue of abandonment and you had a bitter and confused young lady. In the years to follow low self esteem caused Tonya to experience many areas of life that some would call undesirable, including prostitution, domestic violence and teen pregnancy. Tonya freely shares her story with others, because she knows the battle that one can have with one’s self, to overcome the feeling of shame.

In 2013 Tonya was ordained as a minister through the Philosophical Institute of Religious Inquiry, under the leadership of Archbishop Ralph EL and Bishop Dolores EL. Tonya is the Founder of Temple of Perfection, Publisher of Plus Size Wellness Magazine and Curator of Raw FuZion Snacks..

Today Tonya is using her life experiences and testimony to empower humanity above and beyond any past pains or present obstacles that hinder progress.