fuck cancer

Fuck Cancer

These past 6 months have been emotionally draining. It seems that every time I turn around someone in my immediate circle have been diagnosed with or battled cancer. Even if they are not in my immediate circle. I keep finding persons who have been diagnosed with cancer in my path. Whether seeking a remedy or to talk about their experience.

I’ve been finding it difficult to talk about what’s on my mind/heart. So, I’ve decided to put it into my upcoming book titled “Bye FAT’Lisha!” and my new blog. Also, someone recommended I get out my camera phone and go Live talking about whatever is on my soul. We’ll see as though I am a very transparent person before people. I am an introvert and would rather write then talk.

Good thing is though I’ve been a bit blah emotionally and did pack on 15 lbs in January. I got 1/2 of those lbs off and am still moving forward in my weight release journey. Today as I begin a 21 day cleanse. I may do a 21 day emotional cleanse and share the journey with y’all each day. I’ll see what The Most High and my Divine Team say about that and allow my soul to follow.

Keep reaching your goal as this journey called life is all about you.

Be Love, BeLoved ❤️

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